Ristorante il Profeta

Il Ristorante "IL PROFETA" è chiuso per ferie,
riaprirà regolarmente il giorno 1 Marzo 2018

The restaurant "Il Profeta" is closed for holidays
reopening March 01,2018



Here are 6 good reasons why you should give a “Gift Card- Il Profeta” to your friends:

It is a new gift idea

It is an original gift idea

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Who receive the “Gift Card Il Profeta” can decide when and how to utilize it.

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The "Gift Card Il Profeta" includes a dinner (à la carte) for 2 persons including drinks.


The "Gift Card Il Profeta" can be delivered to the beneficiary on a day of your choice. Otherwise, we can provide you with the “Gift Card Il Profeta” and you will give it to your loved ones.


The "Gift Card Il Profeta" costs € 150.00 for 2 persons, including all taxes and fees. Your guests will not have to pay anything.


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