Ristorante il Profeta

Il Ristorante "IL PROFETA" è chiuso per ferie,
riaprirà regolarmente il giorno 1 Marzo 2018

The restaurant "Il Profeta" is closed for holidays
reopening March 01,2018

In the ‘60s and ‘70s three Maître and a chef trained in the best restaurants in Florence and abroad. They had the dream to succeed in the restaurant business.  At that time they were looking forward to accomplish their own desires independently of each other. They shared the same ambition to realize a first class restaurant where guests could be warm welcomed in a particular and distinguishing place. Nevertheless they could not achieve their dream individually. Chance decided that they applied to the same person, which act as intermediary, and found a place that suited them. So they had to work hard on their project but first of all they needed to get to know each other better. During the first meeting, they found that three of the four partners had attended the same hotel training school. Since then they have been pursuing a common ambition and had prophesied the realization of their own restaurant. The prophecy has been fulfilled. Which name would be more suitable than “il Profeta.