Ristorante il Profeta

Il Ristorante "IL PROFETA" è chiuso per ferie,
riaprirà regolarmente il giorno 1 Marzo 2018

The restaurant "Il Profeta" is closed for holidays
reopening March 01,2018

Restaurant IL PROFETA

Describe IL PROFETA is very simple, yet complicated !!

SIMPLE: well yes, it can be told as a normal restaurant, elegant in style and manner, flawless and full of flavor.

Complicated: if you decide to go deeper and you begin to analyze the details of the furniture, the meticulous research of the products, the delicacy of ideas and continuous innovation. We offer a carefully selected and researched in which, at the same time, you can have fun with friends in a family context. Our style confirms the passion for the care and choice of details, to give the local elegance and functionality at the same time it needs. The style of the furniture is focused on warm colors and paintings from famous artists of the area, light-colored walls thanks to 'exciting lighting design.

We are the ideal place not only for a romantic dinner, but also friends.Excellent location to organize business dinners, meetings, conventions.